AGENDA: AURA-O Site Users' Meeting 2014/2015

Instructions for Connecting

December 3, 2014
(all times Chilean = US Eastern +2hr)

Main NOAO-S Facilities Presentation (Nicole van der Bliek)
Background information on Tololo Share Fee Model (Nicole van der Bliek)

7:00pm - Welcome, Opening Remarks, and Introductions (10min+5min Q&A) - Chris Smith
7:15pm - Service Level Agreements (20min+10min Q&A) - Nicole van der Bliek
7:45pm - Shared Infrastructre Cost Structure, aka "the Model" (20min+10min Q&A) - Nicole van der Bliek
8:15pm - The FY2015 Budget and FY2015 Fees (20min+10min Q&A) - Nicole van der Bliek
8:45pm - Closing Remarks - Chris Smith