New Pachon Dining room open

The new Pachón Dining facility (casino) was put into service on Monday, June 4th.  There are going be some transition activities, that have been informed to all Pachón-based staff.  

Breakfast transportation:
From June 4 onward, the bus will stop at the new casino to allow time for the riders to have breakfast.  As usual it will then leave the casino and deliver the riders to Gemini and SOAR.  During the morning hours the bus will be parked at the hotel/new casino area to allow the driver a comfortable place to rest. 

Lunch Transportation:
At 12:55 the bus will pick up riders, first at SOAR then at Gemini , and will take them to the new casino. After the normally allowed 30-minute lunch period the bus will leave the casino to carry the people back to SOAR and Gemini. 
At the end of the work shift, for the return trip down to La Serena, the bus will depart at the normal time and from the normal place (next to the old casino).
The service of dinner at the new casino will be as normal from 16:30 to 18:30.  Transportation to and from the casino/hotel to the telescopes for the nighttime crews will be by individual vehicles or as arranged and provided by SOAR and Gemini.
The transition schedule defines a period for feedback from casino users during the first several weeks of its operation.  In order to implement potential changes in a timely manner, it would be useful to get that feedback as soon as possible either through the suggestion box at the casino or directly to: Jeff Barr and/or  Samuel Aguirre  Even after the initial feedback period, we will continue to be attentive to suggestions on how to make the new facility better serve its intended purpose.
Jeff Barr
NOAO-S Facilities Manager