Additional 2021 Information

For the 2021 program, our core faculty manage the schedule and the structure of the school, which will be online.  Our invited professors bring in additional content for the students, exposing them to the newest trends such as Deep Learning. The information below may be subject to change.

Core Faculty:
Matthew Graham (Caltech) - Co-Chair
Amelia Bayo (U. de Valparaiso) - Co-Chair
Mauricio Cerda (U. Chile) - Co-Chair

Invited Professors:
To be announced.


Principal funding for the 2021 Program is provided by our sponsors:

U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF), through a grant to AURA/NOIRLab
ANID (Chile)
Center for Mathematical Modeling (CMM), Universidad de Chile
University of La Serena (ULS)
NIC Chile
REUNA (Red Universitara Nacional, Chile)
CEDIA (Ecuador)
Chilean National Laboratory for High Performance Computing (NLHPC)

For the first time, the School will be hosted Online due to the COVID-19 pandemic in partnership with our sponsors and:

If you need more information about the LSSDS and the application process:

We have hosted a few live streams where we address many of the usual questions about the school. The videos can be accessed below:

Resources in English:

  • "Live from NOIRLab @ AAS: La Serena School for Data Science". Presentation at the 337 AAS meeting, January 12th 2021. Link to the video on Youtube.
  • You can find the slides here.

Resources in Spanish / Recursos en español:

  • "En Vivo desde NoirLab - La Serena School of Data Science". Presentación en el canal de NOIRLab, 20 de enero 2021. Enlace al video en Youtube.
  • "La Serena School for Data Science". Presentación invitada por la Fundación Chilena de Astronomía, 29 de marzo 2021. Enlace al video en Youtube.

Finally, you can email us at the address listed on the left side of this webpage.

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